Compost Boost, $7.90 for 500 ml
Makes Composting Easy

Compost Boost rapidly increases the natural decomposition and composting process significantly increasing the performance of your compost bin.

Compost Boost assists in maintaining effective composting processes even when you do not strictly control nitrogen to carbon balances in your compost. This makes composting a much easier process where you can dispose of all your organic waste material.

With Compost Boost, you are using the most powerful live enzyme technology available to rapidly digest waste matter in your composting unit. More importantly though, you are accelerating nature by boosting the process through the addition of natural enzymes that already exist in the composting process.

When used regularly Compost Boost is the easiest and most cost effective way to remove odors, discourage pests and rodents, and increase composting performance.

A helpful tip is to place your compost bin in a sunny location as the heat assists with the biochemical composting process.

Instructions for Use:

1. Dilute Compost boost 1 : 20 with water.

2. Mix well, allow 10 minutes for activation.

3. Disperse solution evenly across compost . Turn compost to mix thoroughly.


• Garden waste
• Kitchen waste