Worm Composting - Troubleshooting

If your worm farm is maintained correctly you should not have any problems, however occasionally things can go wrong. Below are some possible problems and suggestions on how to remedy them
Symptoms Problems Solutions
Foul Smell Lack of Air Fluff bin contents
Sprout seeds in bin
  Composting Food Cut back on feeding
Bury food Waste
  Too Much Water Open bin to dry out
Add dry bedding
Check Drainage
Dead or whitish
stringy worms
Starving worms Feed worms
  Overpopulation Harvest Bin
  Too wet or dry Add dry bedding or water
Fruit flies Exposed food Bury food in bedding
  Occur Naturally Apple cider vinegar trap
Fly trap
Easy access to food
Bury food
Set bin over water
  Occur naturally Run bead of petroleum jelly around bin
  Too Dry Add water
Mites Bin too wet Open bin to dry out
House flies Exposed food Bury food
Make fly trap
White thread-like worms(Enchytraeids)
Occur naturally Ignore them, part of the life cycle of the bin
White, yellow, orange matter in the bin
Occur naturally Moulds, yeast and fungi, part of the bin life cycle
Seedlings growing
in the bin
Good sign Will aerate the bin and keep castings loose
Other creatures
in the bin
Good sign
A healthy bin mirrors nature